My love was a lie by Alayna Efland

I could feel how nervous he was, standing next to me, trying to figure out why I refused to talk to him. He took a deep breath, almost like he was trying not to cry, and started talking.

“You still like me, right?” he asked.


“Do you still love me?”

I stared at the wall, afraid to make eye contact. “Yes.”

His voice broke as he asked, “Promise?”

No. “Of course.”



Alayna Efland
Alayna Efland is 15-year-old with a passion for all art: music, drawing, and photography. She enjoys school and can't wait to go to college. Besides being overly obsessed with bands, reading, and coffee, she likes to ride horses, cook, and write (duh). She would love to write a book and travel the world.


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