My Ten Favorite Fictional Pairings

Everyone has a favorite fictional couple, be they from literature, television, or the movies. We spend a great deal of the plot waiting for them to finally get together. When they finally do, we all cheer. When they don’t, we simply cry or hurl the book across the room. After brainstorming a list much longer than this, I managed to whittle it down to these ten cheering and book hurling worthy couples.

 Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy: Pride and Prejudice

Upon first reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, I of course immediately fell in love with Elizabeth Bennet, the sharp and Elizabeth and Mr Darcywitty heroine; but, I was initially turned off by the snobby Mr. Darcy. I actively disliked the idea of a relationship between the two of them. It is evident that Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth feel the same, at least in the beginning. Even though they try so hard to hate each other, they are drawn together by their similarities. Their magnetic relationship is one of the most engrossing that I have ever read about.

Guy and Girl: Once

True, nothing happens between these two. They are both tied down by past relationships that they are free of but that they can’t escape from. The two nameless musicians are thrown together, becoming close friends. They never kiss, never talk of their feelings for each other, making their relationship with each other all the more intense. The connection witnessed between the two of them over the course of a few days is stronger, at least to me, than other movie connections which last much longer.

George and Mary Bailey: It’s a Wonderful Life

Donna_Reed_with_James_Stewart_(1946)The relationship between George and Mary is just so very sweet. The two sacrifice so much for each other and manage to find happiness together despite their humble life style. What I love about their relationship is that it seems to be real. Many movie romances, though thoroughly enjoyable, are too convenient and fanciful to seem plausible. George and Mary are ordinary people living ordinary, though “wonderful” lives. Their relationship is strong, but attainable, making it have a stronger connection with me than many others.

Maria and Captain VonTrapp: The Sound of Music

The relationship between Maria and Captain VonTrapp is one of those relationships that creep up on you. You barely notice anything between the two of them in the beginning, but then that slinky baroness Shraeder shows up with one gorgeous outfit after the other when you know that the Captain should really be with Maria.

 Romeo and Juliet: Romeo and Juliet

I honestly don’t think an explanation is necessary here. 402px-DickseeRomeoandJuliet

 Katniss and Peeta: The Hunger Games

I know that about half of the people that read The Hunger Games probably just stopped reading this because the heading was not “Katniss and Gale.” My apologies, but I love Katniss and Peeta’s relationship. In a situation where fierce love has to be faked for the media and then dropped completely with the absence of a crowd, it does not seem that love would be likely. Eventually, however, a relationship between the two of them does begin to form. It becomes clear that Peeta has loved Katniss from the start and taken care of her from afar and that Katniss has not always felt so indifferent.

 Wesley and Buttercup: The Princess Bride

Here is the typical fairy tale couple. The damsel in distress, the dashing hero. The two sacrifice wealth and royalty, and they risk death to be together. It is a beautiful and satisfying love story.

 Belle and the Beast: Beauty and the Beast

I think that out of all the fairy tales, this one has the best message. To love a person for who they are on the inside, not for their exterior. Even for a fairy tale made into a Disney movie, the two do not have an easy relationship. They argue and bicker, but in the end they love each other; and, in a cartoon and fairy tale, that’s all that matters.Crane_beauty5

 Catherine and Heathcliff: Wuthering Heights

The connection between Catherine and Heathcliff is unmistakable. Their fierce love remains strong despite the continuous obstacles that they create for each other. Heathcliff is destroyed by Catherine’s death and is haunted by her absence. “Be with me always — take any form — drive me mad! Only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you! Oh, God! it is unutterable! I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul!”… Enough said.

 Charlie and Claire: LOST

I am not a sap. Movies about dogs and football players leave me cold. I have a heart of stone; but, there were multiple occasions with these two that caused me to give way to tears. His sweetness and desire to take care of her and her acceptance of him just about killed me. Throughout their rocky relationship, it is obvious that they do indeed love each other. His ultimate sacrifice of life for her left me crying for forty minutes. Oh, how I wish I were kidding.


Chameli Belk-Gupta is a California girl who finds herself living in Texas. She is currently in high school and very involved in her school’s theatre troop. Chameli learned to read in first grade on a road trip and has not stopped reading since. She reads everything from Jane Austen to Archie comics. She only ever orders vanilla ice cream and can’t stand chocolate. Chameli loves old movies, vintage clothing, music and travel. Her only fears are buttons and minnows.


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