MyBOOKmark: A Reader’s Paradise

All images via myBOOKmark's Facebook page.


Being Ukranian, I get very proud each time my country demonstrates its creativity and passion for beauty with innovative ideas. Today I was casually browsing my social media when I found this unbelievably amazing brand from Ukraine: myBOOKmark. Oksany Mysnyk and the girls have the most creative bookmarks I’ve seen in a long, long time. As a book lover, I think every other book lover will agree with me that sometimes a beautiful bookmark can make reading more joyous because, c’mon, who doesn’t love to read and see a beautiful bookmark peeking out?

You can find the perfect bookmark for practically every person. Are you or your friends a J.R.R. Tolkien fan? If so, then this little hobbit bookmark would be the perfect gift for you.


Are you more of a fashion and beauty kind of gal who would give everything for a beautiful pair of shoes? Then what about these cuties?


Do you love cats? I do. Specifically, I adore their cute, little, fluffy paws. I’m sure every cat-obsessed, bookish person would agree that this bookmark is just stunning.


And now, the most surprising one: For those of you who love The Walking Dead or zombies in general, they even have a bookmark for you!


So there you have it, guys. Hit up their Etsy shop and browse to your book-loving heart’s content. They also have an Instagram account and a Facebook page that you can follow for more incredible pictures and products!

Violet Baudelaire is 20 years old, bilingual (or maybe more), Christian, dreamy, bookworm. Studies in Hungary, lives in Ukraine, heart belongs to England. Wants to work with youth. Spends too much time on Internet. Loves rock music. A huge Sherlock fan. Thinks ordinary life is not cool at all. Wears checked shirts a lot. Loves sci fi. Especially Doctor Who. Obviously, Britain obsessed. Would love to travel around the world with a book and a camera in her hands.


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