Natural Disasters by Asma Gaba

1) Don’t call me adorable. I am tornadoes and tidal waves; my looks are not an invitation for condescension, but a warning.

2) I know that I’m quiet sometimes, but do not mistake that for vulnerability. Take one step towards taking advantage of me and you will hear noise you never would have expected to come out of my adorable mouth.

3) My body is sold on magazine covers for $3.99 at drugstores. But I am not a pretty picture printed on glossy paper; I am flesh and bones and soul that four dollars will never be able to capture.

4) I might look delicate, and I might very well be delicate, but trust me– my delicateness is just the prologue to the boldly written chapters of steel in my body and mind.

5) My intellect and thoughts and psyche and soul are a million times more valuable than my exterior. My body and looks are nothing more than a shell that houses the havoc I truly am.

6) I am so much more than what meets the eye; I am not adorable, nor am I quiet or delicate. I am destructive natural disasters; I am earthquakes and tornadoes; I am strong and I am loud. I am whatever I want to be, and whoever tries to take my power and force away from me will feel the strength of my natural disasters.





Asma GabaAsma Gaba is an aspiring author and self-proclaimed poet. She lives in the drought-stricken state of California where she (thinks) is pursuing a BA in Political Science. An avid reader and enormous science fiction nerd, she can always be found with her head in a far-away world and her nose buried in a book. With a loud mouth and big heart, she always finds ways to express herself through both written and spoken words. She shares her poetry on and blogs about books on

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