Nightfall by Deanna Rabbiosi

Like the environment they lived in, the enemy was harsh.  Dry and destructive, they used their sheer numbers to push back the liberators threatening their illegitimate regime.  Their strength was obstinate, unwavering; the marines had difficulty in breaking through defenses let alone establish a foothold.  Often times, they were forced to work under the somber night sky, relying heavily on their senses.  They worked slowly.  Every footstep, every word, every *clack* of a rifle being loaded disturbed the still desert — they paused often, checking that it was their own sounds and their own shadows dancing.  On most nights, they weren’t.





"Nightfall" is a featured 100-word story from the March Writing Challenge.

DeannaDeanna Rabbiosi is twenty years old and an active duty United States Sailor. She was born and raised in sunny California, USA, but she hopes to travel the world while serving her country. She’s currently working on an Associate’s Degree in General Studies but hopes to one day earn a bachelor’s in writing, as well as computer science. It’s her dream to see her name on a shelf in Barnes & Nobles. She is currently working on a science fiction piece that she hopes just might get her there.

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