Nightlight by Dani Leshgold

i drench myself in moonlight
and pray for an extra piece.
i find balance in a stranger,
in a scream,
maybe one day in silence.
november won’t last forever, though
days drag on like cigarette smoke.
and i won’t always think
of the universe as harrowing.
my professor tells me the world is fleeting
so i grasp harder. reach further.
my professor tells me not to fear my death
so i shake when i fall asleep
and leave the light on.
peace is a nightlight.



Dani Leshgold
Dani Leshgold is a freshman at NYU. While she mostly writes poetry, she also writes some short stories and nonfiction. Writing and literature pretty much make up her life, and she one day hopes to make writing a career. You can find more of her work at



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