October by Katie Porter

Burnt orange and brick red leaves sway by.
Hair like the ocean’s waves,
Thick and flowing.
Burgundy lipstick stained on coffee mugs.
Smiling eyes, fingers that are intertwined.
Full and resonant laughter,
Promises of late night dancing,
Talks of dreams and wishes of the future.
Hands and lips brushing across skin,
Hair tossed and tussled.
Overwhelming feelings enough to win over her
Thoughts in that moment rather than her gut.


Decisions of commitment pushed aside
and ignored because of confused feelings.
Past feels arise, memories of the one before:
Mountaintop climbs, sweet midnight kisses that linger through the
Night and early morning, days spent in the sun’s arms,
His arms open wide with joy,
Feelings radiating like electricity,
All crushed with a single conversation in the early stages
Of spring.

Kisses that turned into tears and tears that
Turned into Regret.
Bruises that never seem to go away,
Hurt that seems to remain like a grease stain
On your favorite t-shirt.

Burnt orange and brick red leaves sway by
And here I am
For a decision I know is not ready to come.



Katie Porter
Katie Porter is a food lover, traveler, and pro napper. She is studying Choral Music Education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to help make a difference in children's lives through music. She hopes to make many adventures in college and eat the best foods there are to be eaten.



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