Painting by Charlotte Berry

I don’t know why
I inflict physical wounds upon myself
I only end up ashamed and embarrassed
and wishing I was somebody else

I wear long t-shirts
when everyone else enjoys the sun
it’s safer to avoid any difficult questions
and will prevent hurting anyone

It has never been easy
but I think I have mastered painting my face
and being ok with the person
everyone eventually decides to replace

so I smile and say
yes I’m fine — I’m just tired
but when my face cracks and my facade falters
it is my lies that are suddenly transpired

be gentle when you hold me
I’m sorry that it has to be this way
I know I’m a hurricane
but please hold on — please stay


Charlotte Berry
Charlotte Berry is a 20-year-old bibliophile who finds comfort in writing her messy and sometimes incoherent thoughts down until her mind is clear and calm. She adores her dog, Theodore Finch (named after her favourite book character), and loves chocolate buttons that her boyfriend frequently buys for her when she is down. You can find her on Twitter @salvxtion.



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