Perspectives: A Reverse Poem by Katherine van Roon

This is a reverse poem, meaning it's to be read down first to reflect one perspective, and then back up — line by line, not word by word — to reflect the other.


I am a failure.
I refuse to believe that
It is possible to do the right thing.
In the future,
I will not be happy or successful.
No longer can it be said that
I have achievable dreams.
Because I live in a world where
My accomplishments are never good enough.
I’ll never say that
I have done all that I could.
My thoughts revolve around the fact that
I’ll fall short of my goals every single time.
Never do I stop for a second and realize that
I respect myself and the choices I make.
I think that
Maybe, I’ll never grow to meet others’ expectations.
In my mind, I never consider that
Perhaps, my traits are unique and separate me from others.
I know that
I am nothing special.
When I reflect, I don’t believe that
My flaws and struggles can help me grow as a person.
Finally, I understand that
I will never be happy.
There is no place in my heart where I believe that
I can be successful.


Katherine van Roon
Katherine van Roon is a Star Wars lover who discovered her love for writing at a young age. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys playing soccer, listening to movie scores, and traveling—where she gets a lot of her inspiration from. She plans to continue her education at a university in the Netherlands this fall.


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