Pins Are the Fashion Accessory You Absolutely Need

    If you’ve heard of ZARA’s massive art theft, then you know that artists need our support more than ever. What’s a great way to support our artists and look cute while doing it? Purchase some handcrafted pins!

    Pins have been a seriously creative fad in fashion lately. They’re a great way to express yourself and your interests, and they spice up even the plainest T-shirt. Here are some cute ones to get you started.

    You Tried: The perfect reminder for test day.

    Big Girl Panties: Possibly the cutest pair of underwear I’ve ever seen.


    Black Coffee: The perfect accessory for someone with a Gilmore Girl-level addiction.

    Venn Diagram: Who knew Venn diagrams could be so artsy?

    Bread Trio Pin Set: The perfect set for when you’re craving carbs.
    SOURCE Zara's Art Theft Collection Adam JK Collection
    Sidney Wollmuth is technically sixteen years old, but her friends will tell you she's actually an old lady in disguise. She can be found running abnormally upright, fretting over her millions of unfinished drafts, or eating cookie dough ice cream with a small spoon. Her poetry has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing competition.


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