Pinterest Roundup: Christmas Edition

Germ’s Pinterest board Christmas Ideas Galore contains some of our favorite DIY Christmas decorations and gift ideas. Check it out, re-pin to your heart’s content, and comment to let us know which ones you love and just might try (and if you do, we’d love to see a picture of the finished product!). We also encourage you to share any of your favorite Christmas-themed DIY projects that we overlooked.

We wanted to highlight a few of our all-time favorite pins from our board. So, without further ado:

Top 10 Christmas DIY Pins

(in no particular order)
1. Candle in a Mug

I was recently making some candles with a friend, and I started thinking of everything that I could turn into a candle. A mug was at the top of my list, so I took a shot on Pinterest and found this beaut. While the mug is my favorite option at the moment, tea cups and mason jars would also make great candles.

While I love the look of the camping mug in the picture, Dollar Tree or any other discount store usually has a variety of cute mugs that, obviously, cost next to nothing.

This would make the perfect gift for the friend or family member who has everything (or who really likes mugs or candles).



2. Chalkboard Mugs

I love chalkboard products. Lucky for me, they’re quite popular right now. I’ve seen different versions of chalkboard mugs in various stores here and there, but it’s so much cheaper to just make your own. If you want to give this as a gift, then the homemade factor makes it all the more personal.

As mentioned above, discount stores often have cute, durable mugs for a great price — perfect for these types of projects.

Germ’s Pinterest board contains many other DIY mugs as well, including glitter mugs and mugs beautifully decorated with gold Sharpie.




3. Wrapping Paper and Rubber Stamp

It would be so fun to receive a package with unique wrapping paper such as this. So while it would take a while to make, the outcome would be worth it. And different colors of kraft paper could totally change the look!

IMG_7769What I love about this pin, too, is that it teaches you how to make a stamp, and the possibilities of images are endless!

Germ’s Pinterest board contains more ideas on how to make wrapping paper unique.



4. Hot Chocolate Ornaments and Stirring Spoons

Hot chocolate fixings make such a cute, easy gift, and as this idea becomes more popular, people are getting more and more creative on how to package it. I personally find the ornament touch to be quite brilliant. I’m thinking of making a few of these myself this year.


I have no idea how long these have been around, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard about hot chocolate stirring spoons. The concept is genius, and it makes a fun gift; it could also be combined with the hot chocolate fixings to give the gift a special something extra — not to mention an added deliciousness factor.



Check out more ways to package and present hot chocolate as a gift on Germ’s Pinterest board.


5. Snow Covered Branches and Pinecones

I don’t know what it is about the snow covered look that I love so much. Maybe it’s because I live in Southern California and secretly long for a white Christmas.

For me, the pinecones are what make this project look great; and, the snow, of course, brings the whole thing together (and helps hide the fake-look of any faux branches).

This would be a beautiful decoration for around the house, and it’d make a great porch decoration as well.




6. Melted Crayon Ornament

I’ve found many different versions of this project, but I liked the final look of these ornaments the best.

These particular instructions call for the use of the microwave while others I’ve found have used hairdryers.

Basically, there are many ways to make this beautiful ornament, so if you don’t feel comfortable melting crayons in your microwave, there are other ways you could try as well. Trial and error is a lesson I’ve re-learned recently when it comes to DIY crafts.

Check out Germ’s Pinterest board for more fun DIY ornaments — including ones with reindeer designs out of thumbprintstwine ballsblack and gold ornaments, chalkboard ornaments, and more.




7. Snow Globes

I love everything about these decorations. I would definitely want to try to make these in both cork bottles and mason jars.

For jars, remember that the area of the lid is going to be the base of your snow globe, so your trees, snowmen, animals, etc., all need to fit in this space; so, pay attention to lid size as you pick out the perfect containers for your snow world.

I would love these most as decorations for around my house, but they would also make amazing, unique gifts. Depending on what you decide to put inside, it could be a decoration for all-year round, not just for Christmas.

Here is a wonderful Snow Globe Video Tutorial
by YouTuber Bethany Mota.



8. Cinnamon Stick Candles

I’ve always wanted to try this. It looks so simple to make, and the room would smell so good when it’s lit.

It could make a cute decoration as well as an inexpensive gift.





9. Photo on a Log Slice Ornament

This ornament is amazing. While this can also be done on thinner slices of wood (found at any craft store), I love the natural look of the bark on the side of the log slice.

This would make a great keepsake, not to mention that it’s rustic chic style would look great on your Christmas tree.

Photos on wood in general — not just wooden ornaments — also make amazing gifts. If the wood is a bit larger (thinner wooden plaques are less expensive), then the wood picture can be hung up on the wall year-round. A fun, artsy twist on giving someone a picture in a frame.



10. Ornament Wreath

There are so many pretty wreaths to choose from this time of year. Even if you’re making your own wreath instead of buying one, there are still so many styles and mediums to sift through.

I love the red and silver colors and the various sizes on this wreath; the shiny, mirror ornaments really pull the whole look together. The cost to make it doesn’t hurt too bad, either. Buying in bulk is a great way to save money on a project like this, and discount stores have different packages of ornaments on hand this time of year as well.

Check out Germ’s Pinterest board for more wreath ideas.

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