Review: Save Me, Kurt Cobain by Jenny Manzer

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    Kurt Cobain once said, “The worst crime is faking it,” and Nico Cavan couldn’t agree more. Ever since her mother mysteriously disappeared years ago, Nico has struggled with pretending that everything is going to be okay. How could it be with the constant questions and anxiety that comes with the uncertainty of her mother’s unknown whereabouts? After leaving her best friend Obe and her emotionless father to visit her aunt in Seattle, everything begins to change. Nico encounters a mysterious blonde boy, a crazy homeless man, the wonders of Seattle, and even a man who looks identical to Kurt Cobain, who may even be her father. With an adventure of a lifetime and a mystery that could change Nico’s entire life, Save Me, Kurt Cobain is an incredible, unforgettable tale of heartbreak and of the resilience it takes to discover the truth.

    Save Me, Kurt Cobain was a novel that I truly enjoyed reading. The author, Jenny Manzer, breathes life into Nico and makes her feel like a personal friend to the reader. This novel was both touching and thrilling, which is sure to appeal to both male and female teen readers; some adults may enjoy this coming-of-age tale as well. Not only is the story completely enjoyable, but the themes of losing a family member and discovering one’s self were incredibly powerful and are sure to be impactful for teen readers.

    Jenny Manzer’s debut was so beautiful and jaw-droppingly incredible that there were little to no elements that fans can complain about. The one glaring issue was that the music references at times felt overwhelming and sometimes forced; yet, some of those references are also the best part of the novel. This novel is based on the power of music and how artists and their lyrics can help those struggling with sadness or anxiety to cope with their situation, but I wish that there had been more development of some of the characters rather than pages and pages of music references. Other than this one misstep, Save Me, Kurt Cobain was an inspirational and moving novel that I will never be able to forget.

    With a similar feel to other YA hits, such as Thanks for the Trouble and Papertowns, this stunning debut is something that teens are guaranteed to want to read. From plenty of music-related material to a nail-biting chase for the truth, Save Me, Kurt Cobain has a little bit of something for everyone. Rarely does a novel present itself to such a wide audience. Males, females, romantics, thrill-seekers, and virtually any other lover of literature will most likely be completely wrapped up in Nico’s intricate tale of loss, first love, and finding Kurt Cobain.

    Purchase your copy of Save Me, Kurt Cobain and follow the phenomenal journey of Nico and her wildly odd and interesting family as they discover who they really are and how they all fit together.


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