Scholarship Spotlight: TeenDrive365

teen driveDo you want to inspire fellow teens and win $15,000 for doing it? Discovery Education and Toyota are sponsoring TeenDrive365 Video Challenge, which awards cash prizes for creating a 60 to 90-second original video that demonstrates the importance of safer teen driving. Videos can be created alone or in a group of two to four students, and they are judged on creativity, content, and presentation.

My favorite video was a top ten finalist, and it had the simple concept of showing a cell phone and a series of text messages. However, it was powerfully moving and would make me think twice before I looked at a text while I was driving.  View past winning videos here.

You can participate in the challenge if you are a 9th-12th grader enrolled in a public, private, or parochial school. You can also win a 2nd place prize of $10,000, a 3rd place prize of $7, 500, and a “People’s Choice” prize of $5,000. The money is a great opportunity to help pay for college, but what would it be worth to save a life? Besides $15,000, the winner gets to work with a Discovery Film Crew to create a 30-second PSA about safe driving. Now, that’s a challenge worth taking, but the submission period ends on March, 16, 2015.

Believing stories impact us and every word matters, Kelly Fletcher teaches high school English and has taught composition at the college level. Her favorite part of teaching is getting to know her students, and her two favorite students call her mom. Teachers do have a life outside of school, so she loves having conversation over a good cup of coffee and dancing until midnight.


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