Sea Slugs by Emma Klein

Are galaxies living beings?
Do they move slowly like sea slugs, oceans of stars clumped together in soft airy mists?
Do planets dance with one another, clashing and bumping to create new rhythms?
And new portals even, to purple hued plains where you can view the entire show from the ground?
Do stars shoot out of gold rimmed cannons, flying across the sky only for a second before plopping down into icy pools of water?
Are we the only ones here?
Or are there entire Milky Ways asking questions about what lives past what they can see with a telescope?




Emma Klein
Emma Klein is from Los Angeles, California. She's a fandom enthusiast, and you can usually find her writing or drawing about humans and/or cats. (Because cats are rad.) She really likes to cosplay, wear superhero masks for no legitimate reason, and present her poetry in front of daunting crowds. She hopes to one day get a major in illustration or some other equally cool artsy thing, and then maybe make her own cartoon.



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