Sewed Lips by Olivia Liu

Can you hear me?
My breaths and silent screams.
My eyes are shooting stars into space
My fingers are weaving planets into galaxies, spinning universes from my fingertips.
I’m thinking too fast, too hard
Words swirl like the Milky Way on the tip of my tongue
But I say nothing.
It slides down back into my throat, burning it like fire
The smoke fills my lungs and my head
I can’t breathe
There are no lulls in this conversation, no soft contemplation, no moment of silence
I can’t find a space or a time to start
Can you hear me?
Will you?



Olivia Liu
Olivia Liu resides in Singapore, and owns a dangerous amount of musical instruments. Her interests mainly include listening to music, reading, writing, and scrolling endlessly through literary blogs and online magazines. The expressions on her face are usually described as that of deep concentration or quiet contemplation, when in fact she is just a hopeless space cadet.


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