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Shattered by Claudia Miranda

Sometimes I just lay on the grass without moving; people call my name, but I don’t hear them. I’m too busy staring at the bright blue sky or paying attention to my thick teardrops. I wanted to scream, but I kept quiet. I just wish I could be as strong as a tree; be able to stand straight and proud for years, wish I had a bark that would protect me from all the pain and sorrow. I’ve grieved myself day after day, back into the small space my worth has left me. I have realized that I am shattered, scattered across the floor like the remains of a broken vase. Scattered across the floor like a forgotten memory; I can never be put back together again.





Claudia Miranda

Claudia Miranda is a 19-year-old studying psychology at Florida International University. She loves reading, writing poetry, and listening to new music. She loves the moon, the stars, the constellations, and the galaxies. They make her feel alive, like she’s actually here. She wants to write something real, something that will change someone's life. Writing is her escape.

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