Shop Local: MADE IN USA

How often do you look at the tag or stamp on a product when you make a purchase?

Each time you buy something in a store or online, you are making a statement! What do you want that statement to say?

Do you realize the impact your purchase has on the local economy? The dollars you spend at a local retailer, restaurant, or service business are recirculated at a higher rate with an average of 50% or more compared to the 13-15% at a chain store. This is passed on to job creation in your community, tax for your city/town, and more investments and improvements in your local area. It may seem like a lot to think about when you are going out to pick up a birthday gift. However, there are so many undiscovered local treasures around all of us.

Take a day to explore your city or town.  Walk the streets and go into stores that are new to you.  Next time, take on another town and see what they have to offer!

Above and beyond that, the key to supporting your local economy is to keep it MADE IN USA. The amount of work and money that goes into even a small product being shipped overseas does not bode well for our workers or our economy. Quite frankly, it is a vicious cycle. We like the convenience of delivery and look for deals, but that is still a possibility. is offering us just this. All the products on their site are MADE IN USA and delivered to your door while creating jobs for Americans. Of course, you can choose to shop by state and locate the retailers yourself! They carry everything from jewelry, household goods, pet products, sporting goods, bath products, and clothing. The part I enjoyed most while shopping the site was that the location where each item was made was listed.

The next time you step out for a day of shopping or are online needing a few things, consider the source. Think about how long the product takes to make and to ship and about the people involved. Find out if you can get it locally, MADE IN USA. The purchases you make have an impact.

Visit for more info.

Jen Shoemake has a hard time containing her energy, therefore she doesn’t. She is a homeschooling mother of two absolute treasures, business owner of Hartland Center of Alternative Medicine and The Hive Project, and community advocate. A lover of an abundance of good coffee, books that are too good to put down, music and spontaneous dance parties, sincere laughter and kind-hearted people. Reaching out to the community is rewarding and educational to Jen and pushes her to be better. She challenges you to find what drives you. Contact Jen about all things community service oriented. Share the good that is happening!



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