Stolen by Rachana Hegde

I steal you again
for another night of hushed kisses
and pilfered moments in dusty gondolas
to walk in the cobblestoned streets
and revel in the intoxicating night air;

I steal you again
to dart across rain-soaked grass
and kiss underneath stars that shower us with light
to steal from the night market
and taste food from another world;

I steal you again
to be loved as your lover
and laugh recklessly as I pull you through empty rooms
to give away my heart without a second thought
as we kiss on moonlit balconies and fall asleep in each other’s arms.



Rachana Hegde
Rachana Hegde is an aspiring teen writer and book lover. When she isn’t immersed in young adult literature or penning poetry and short stories, you can find her on Twitter (@inkylove16), following and tweeting to other writers and bloggers.



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