The Akinator


One of my favorite games to play with my friends is 20 questions. You think of something, and they try to guess your thought by asking no more than twenty yes/no questions.  For a fun break from stumping your friends, try out the Akinator.   The Akinator will attempt to guess any character from a movie, TV show, or book.  The scary part is that he gets it right almost every time!  I have tried this many times and have only stumped the Akinator about four times.   What’s more, the Akinator keeps getting better each time someone plays.  He takes all the information he gathers from each game and adds to his store of knowledge, so he is more likely to get a right answer the next time someone uses a particular character.  The real genius behind the web game is the French IT company  The Akinator grew out of their dream to help people find better ways to sort through the growing amounts of information available on the web.  Check out the Akinator for yourself before he is totally unstoppable!


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