The Beetle by Soham Bagchi

The ugly scarab beetle walked the sand;
Step after step did he drudge through the heat.
The sun and moon waned; a long time had spann’d—
The ugly scarab beetle burnt his feet.
He stopped by a string of water flowing
And knelt a little low to take a sip—
Then he rose and got set to get going
And resumed that what was left of his trip.
If one so happen’d to look from the top
And see the bright gleam of his shining shell,
They’d see a little dandy beetle fop
Walking alone: but still doing so well.
Creature of the desert, if’t please your will
Do show how you reached the top of your hill.




Soham Bagchi is a high school student living in Gurgaon, India. He writes poetry and prose (enjoys structured verse), listens to music, and has many other interests, all tied together by his determination and passion. You can find more of his work at

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