The Beginning to the End by Nicole Burton

Being yours was the best thing to ever happen to me. It was spectacular, and my whole world shifted when you walked in, wearing your faded grey jeans and your striped shirt. You walked with your hands buried in your navy blue Vans jacket, your hair fall brushing against your forehead. My world was suddenly bright and new, and the sun never seemed to stop shining when you were around. There was just something about you that caught my attention. Luckily for me, there was something about me that caught your attention. Bliss seemed to surround us every time we came together, the smile on my face never left. Even when you were away, the imprint you were starting to make kept the blood rushing into my heart. Kept my smile beaming, from cheek to cheek. And kept the sparkle in my brown eyes.

I swear it must be rare to go through something like that. Because being with you was like being in heaven every single day. I fell in love. I let my heart fall in hopes that you would catch it. And when you did, I knew, this is what I wanted. You were what I wanted, forever. The thing about forever, is that the expiration date appears at the crappiest of times. When all you really want is to be desperately closer. All I wanted was to be desperately closer. But unfortunately for me, the time came and left so suddenly, there was no time for me to stop and breathe. To stop and take in my new surroundings. I was alone, for the first time. And as I fell into the dark, I watched you walk into the light.





Nicole Burton is a 22-year-old student at California State University of Long Beach, who’s majoring in English–Creative Writing with a minor in Sociology. Reading and writing has always been her way of expressing and finding herself. All of her writing pieces are an important part of her life. She hopes when people read her work they are able to connect and realize that they are never truly alone in this world.

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