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The Easiest Way to Make Someone’s Day


For over a year now, I’ve taken myself out of my comfort zone on numerous occasions, all to serve one purpose: to build up the confidence of different, unsuspecting girls, one step at a time.

This miracle is achieved quite simply. If you like their eyeliner, tell them. If you like their dress, tell them. If you think they have a pretty haircut, tell them. Compliment everyone you can without overdoing it. Every shift I work at the bookstore, I aim to make one person smile, and hopefully I’ve done that.

Just picture this: You spend an hour getting ready for whatever reason that you leave the house — maybe for work, for shopping, or for lunch. You spend ages on your makeup, wiping it all off and starting again when it just isn’t right. You change clothes twenty times so that you feel comfortable. You leave the house just in the nick of time, and on your way you realize that there are all of these little flaws. Your hair is untidy, you messed up a bit of foundation, you should’ve gone with a different outfit, your shoes don’t match. Every single person has done this; you are not alone. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are, your conscience is just paranoid.

So picture that. Then picture yourself walking into a shop, aware of your every move. You buy something and nervously scramble for cash and then worry about how flustered you must look on top of everything. You’re about to leave when the sales assistant says, “I really love your makeup today!”

How do you feel? Thankful? Surprised? Flattered? More confident? Happy?
All of the above.

Next time you are somewhere and have this opportunity to pay it forward, take it. What could possibly go wrong? It makes you feel great too when you make someone else smile.

It’s the small things in life that make it worth it!


Hannah Green

Literature-driven Hannah Green is a sixteen-year-old student in NSW Australia with a passion for writing. This spark grew from before she turned four, and since then she has been reluctant to abandon her ambition. She also works at a bookstore, which is the best retail job she could ask for. Her creative flair yearns for books, photography, and drama. Hannah’s goal in life is to have a book published, no matter how successful, and she is currently working on her very own YA novel. Writing for Germ Magazine is a dream come true for her, as she aspires to follow in Jennifer Niven’s footsteps, slowly making the world a better place -- one carefully crafted sentence at a time. She is a strong believer of the fact that everybody is immensely beautiful and worthy, so if she can convince one person of this through her words, then she has fulfilled her purpose.

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