The Glass Bowl by Savannah Holbrooks

I am shattered,
scattered across the floor
like the broken remains of my brother’s glass bowl
dropped on the floor after being mishandled one too many times.
Beautiful crystal that had once sparkled
and was happiest when helping others,
now strewn across the floor like a forgotten memory.
And like the glass bowl that was once treasured,
I can never be put back together again.




Savannah Holbrooks
Savannah Holbrooks is a seventeen-year-old girl from Alabama whose love for reading and writing influences the way she perceives the world. After she graduates, she wants to go to college and go into special education. She hopes to impact the world through her writing. When she isn't reading or writing, she enjoys hanging out with friends and playing her flute or piccolo in the band. You can find her on Instagram @savannah.holbrooks.


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