The Lost Swallow by Giorgia Bertola

She lay on the grass and it was a wonder to see
She wouldn’t move, not even when they called her
She must have been staring at the bright blue sky,
or at its thick falling tears, or at her troubled fellows
But she let no one in
She wouldn’t budge, might the Deluge come
Neither the night, nor the weather, nor the noise bothered her,
like a shining armor she stayed still
The Statue of Liberty envied her

What are you craving with so much ardor, swallow on the ground?
Don’t let me die unaware, feed me with an answer
All I have left are tired eyes and evanescent patience
What’s in the lawn so magnetic that you can’t fly high up in the sky?

Freedom was fleeing from her
similar to the everlasting light of a star
No truce, no safe haven, not a moment of peace she had
She would despair, for time’s also her enemy
And she had no one with
just like when she fell from the tree, broke her left wing
She must have felt lonely in her own breakable shell
She kept quiet, even though she wanted to scream
She lay on the grass and it was a mystery to reveal


Giorgia Bertola
Giorgia Bertola is a 19-year-old Italian girl with 4 crazy siblings and two amazing parents. She’s the clumsiest person who ever lived, and she’s also a feminist with big dreams. She loves writing both in Italian and English, although she still has much to learn.


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