The Truth About Writing by Ma. Catalina Jimenez

Writing is waking up in the middle of the night with a sentence, a beginning, hanging from your fingers, the whole story still a mystery.

It’s dirty hands and sleepy eyes, characters that are almost friends, friends that become inspiration.

It’s finding stories everywhere, in the touch of a hand, in the far corner of a crowded room, in a bus that goes nowhere.

It’s playing with words as if they were chess pieces, black and white, finding a way to turn them into color.

Writing is not easy, It’s messy and exhausting.

But it’s also magic, a secret, a gift.



Ma. Catalina Jimenez
Ma. Catalina Jimenez is a college student from Argentina who lives in a big house with a big park and has a big family. She is always dreaming about traveling and becoming a writer. On weekends she works as a waitress, and when she is not saving money for her next trip, she is buying books. Check out her website at



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