The World Needs Flowers by Mel Bikowski

This is a poem to remember
The way we felt when you surrendered
to the word Push.
& into the Light
You Pushed.
Certainly, the sky will remember
the way it felt when you came into this world.
Wintery Snowflakes danced on the souls of trees.
Television Weathermen pacing the green screen
Warning of Frozen Blizzards named Pandora
& if today is what they threatened about opening the box,
I say mankind should find some time for uncertainty.
I wrote this poem impulsively,
quickly scratching lines onto post it notes
and fastfood hospital napkins
leaving inkstains of wisdom
near the inkstains of baby records
so that we could remember this time
nurses and doctors
& you could remember the way you felt
rooting to find food
stethoscope filled with heartbeats
wriggling on Mommy’s chest
Your Daddy wraps you in blankets
and walks around with you–
A bouquet of Flowers.
This is a poem to remember
Your first week of life
You’ve bloomed so much.
& bloom, child.
We created you to sprout–
the world needs flowers like you.


Mel Bikowski
Mel Bikowski is an activist of the Visual Arts and Poetry. Melanie has always found herself drawn to the arts. She spent several years developing her voice as a poet at Old Dominion University. In her free time, you can find her hiking in nature with her loved ones or dancing in dark warehouses filled with graffiti and dance music. She is constantly inspired by the thin veil between reality and the imagination, which she conveys through her poetry and art. She is currently on a quest to complete one painting every day for 365 days.



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