Taylor Swift’s Music Video for “Style” Was Released Yesterday!

This is the first Taylor Swift music video I’ve actually liked in a long time. I love the artistic thought that went into it, and I love the simplistic aspect of it all while still showing Taylor off in different scenes with various cute outfits.

I also did not notice the male lead having two different colored eyes until halfway through the video. It threw me off for a moment because I was focusing on his eyes and not the song, but it ultimately added to the interesting factor of the video.

Let us know what you thought of this latest music video below! Was it too artsy and not enough story for you? Was it the perfect combination of music and video? Do you believe the story going around that this song is also about Harry Styles?

Literary Editor/Copy Editor/Managing Editor Briana Bailey has a passion and appreciation for art, including music, writing, photography, and drawing. Her love for reading is why she wishes to one day copy edit novels. Yes, this means she is one of those people who really likes grammar. No, she is not one of those people who corrects other people's grammar when they talk.  (Don't believe her?  Email her at brianabailey@germmagazine.com.)


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