Valentine’s-Day-Proof Makeup

    Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. While you are out on a date or out with friends, your makeup is not something you want to worry about. To help you out, here are five easy tips on how to make your makeup Valentine’s-Day-proof.

    DSC00106Lip scrub

    Of course you want your lips to be as smooth and hydrated as possible. This is when a lip scrub comes in handy. Just take a little bit of the scrub on your finger and gently scrub your lips. After washing off the scrub with a little bit of water, your lips are left really soft and ready to be kissed. My personal favorite is the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub.


    DSC00647Matte lipstick

    Pink or red lipstick is perfect for Valentine’s Day. However, you don’t want it to end up all over your face while you are eating dinner. A matte lipstick will stay in place longer, and it creates a beautiful classic look. If you want the look to be even more interesting, you can also opt for an ombre lip. Just use a lipstick that is a shade darker than the first one, and blend it into the lighter one starting from the outer corners of your lips. Not only will your lips look more defined and bigger, but the ombre technique also creates a really fun effect.


    DSC00538Pink blush

    Even just a little bit of blush can completely transform your entire look. It makes you look healthier, and it also gives you a nice glow to the cheeks. For Valentine’s Day, a light pink blush is perfect to create flushed cheeks.


    Waterproof mascaraDSC00398 (2)

    If you always end up with mascara smudged under your eyes by the end of the day, then waterproof mascara is the solution. Again, it makes sure you have one less thing to worry about on your day or night out.


    DSC00526Makeup setting spray

    To make sure your makeup lasts all night long, use a makeup setting spray. Not only will it make your makeup look more natural, but it also ensures great longevity. This way you won’t have to leave your date or your friends to go touch up your makeup!

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