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Where I’m From by Ronda Redmond

I am from glorified rice and scalloped potatoes,
from floors washed on hands and knees, carpets
vacuumed stubby; from lemon wedges rubbed
in the armpits of old white t-shirts.

I am from Alfreda and Erna, and three
dead husbands between them. From
Sunday morning polka hour and faking sick
to miss church. I’m from Come, Lord Jesus,
and So help me, Hanna.

I am of Laverne, Shirley, and the Bionic woman;
from the public swimming pool, double-dog dares,
and swimsuits that never dry all day; from sharks
in the deep end and the belief
I can breathe underwater.

I am Elm trees that arched a tunnel across the street
I grew up on; the sun falling through the leaves
and dancing shadows across the street; the flat smell
of a child’s sweat and falling asleep
at eight o’clock—the eccentric peace
of sleeping while the sun stays awake.


Ronda Redmond

Ronda Redmond lives in a small Midwestern town with her husband, two teenage sons, and three dogs. She works as a business analyst, which is about as exciting as toast. Her true joy comes from family, friends, social activism, and the arts. She loves to read, cook, throw pottery, and eat popcorn while binging a good series. She lives in a great community of artists and activists, and she loves to stay involved by leading writing groups, serving on the local Pride committee, and stepping into artsy adventures that come her way. Ronda believes everyone is creative in their own way and that joy is found in the process of creating things that feels necessary and true.

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