You and I, Simplified.

When we met, there were shy looks, shy smiles, and nervous laughter.
When we met, there was, undeniably, a spark.

When we dated, there was passion, and love. Or at least what felt like it.
When we dated, there was lust.

When we became comfortable, too comfortable, we fought a silent fight.
When we became comfortable, we forgot how to communicate. We became complacent.

When it became too hard, you left. I stayed.
When we parted ways, we did a damage that couldn’t be undone.

And now all we’re left with is the memory of what used to be, when it was good, and when we tried.
We became culprits of this throw-away society; we let go too easily. And now only empty speech and unexplored feelings is left to fill the space between us.

You and I, simplified, is the harsh reality that not everything can be fixed.



Elyse Jones
A nurse by day and a writer by night, Elyse Jones is a 24-year-old lover of all things creative from Hamilton, New Zealand. An avid coffee-drinker, foodie, cat lady in the making, and aspiring author, she loves to write about anything and everything that is thrown her way as she makes the journey through young adulthood. Elyse is a self-confessed night-owl and considers herself somewhat of a ‘realist,' hence the title of her Instagram account and creative outlet: nocturnalrealist. Despite taking advantage of technology as a tool for writing, she likes to keep things simple and prefers to map out her thoughts and ideas by way of pen and paper. One day she hopes to write a novel that will resonate with her readers, but until then, she thrives on writing blogs, quotes, excerpts, and immersing herself in the world of arts and music.


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