Your Go-To Style Guide for University

    Bonjour, everyone!

    Sadly, our Hogwarts letters did not arrive, so we’ll all be spending the fall at Muggle universities. We’ll have to wear dresses and jeans instead of robes, but don’t worry, I’ve got you all covered.

    Every college has its own unique style. Choosing the right dress is always hard because there are so many options, and you just can’t easily decide what to wear and what to ignore! Ace the dressing style by following these easy tips.

    All-black outfits. If you are too lazy to choose a color scheme, then the all-black outfit is the easy answer.

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    Celebrate the lazy days. Lazy days are all about comfy-yet-trendy clothes — like a sweatshirt or a hoodie. Jeggings, tank tops, or top knots all do the trick!

    Don’t follow the style tribe. Do your own thing. Never get confused or lose your way. It’s very important to dress up the way you want to.

    Let your clothing reflect your major. You might be a literature or philosophy major, and the way you dress up can help others guess it. Let the games begin!

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    When in doubt, wear a button-down or a tee. There are days when you do not feel like getting up and matching your outfit, and those are the days when simple tees and classic button-downs can save the day.

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    Bright colors for Fridays. Fridays are all about fun and parties! So wear bright colors like yellow or orange to start the weekend in style.

    Hipster swag. Pastels are never out of fashion, are they? Statement necklaces and some funky fun prints will revive the hipster in you.

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    I hope these few tips will help you! All the best to all of us for our college or university. May we all slay!


    Hafsa Usmani is a literature major who is also an aspiring novelist. She is a bookworm with a keen interest in classic music and astronomy. She also loves philosophy, and if she’s not writing or connecting with people on Instagram, she’s studying books on philosophy. Hafsa loves tea & All the Bright Places.


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