4 Wearable Gifts for the Book Lover in Your Life

    When I’m not hunting in bookstores for the newest books to read, I’m searching for the latest fashion trends to fit my wardrobe. These two worlds rarely intersected until I came across an online ad for scarves fitted with the words of classic novels. They looked soft and pretty, and I could think of a million different outfits that they would tie in well with. Hence, my quest for literary fashion was born. Here are a few pieces that I believe every book connoisseur would love, and these would all make perfect gifts for the readaholic in your life. Or, you can just keep them for yourself!


    1. Hebel Design’s Book Jewelry
    Image via HebelDesign.com

    Ever read your favorite book and marvel at the jewelry your favorite character is wearing? Do you want just the simple acknowledgment that a giant red pendant would go great with your maroon sweater and leather jacket? Then Hebel Designs is for you. Viviane Hebel has constructed beautiful pieces of book-inspired jewelry from series like The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, and many others. Every piece is handcrafted from natural metals and stones. Just imagine the questions you would get from these one-of-a-kind pieces!



    Image via Storiarts.com
    2. Storiarts Literary Apparel

    When it’s the middle of the winter, many of us like to curl up with our favorite book and a cup of tea to keep us warm, but what if the words could keep us warm too? With Storiarts on Etsy, you get to wear your favorite books as scarves, gloves, and other toasty apparel. Available titles include Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen — just to name a few.



    3. Miniature Book Jewelry
    Image via TinyBookTown

    Imagine your favorite book, cover art and all, in miniature form. TinyBookTown is a shop on Etsy that is crawling with miniature book necklaces from countless genres. Materials used include chipboard, paper, metal, and wood, but each one has its own special quality. Everything from mini Harry Potter books to compact John Green titles. Each piece would look great with virtually any style. Who says you have to buy just one? Wear the electric blue and black The Fault In Our Stars cover with your white button down, or wear the deep scarlet Catcher In The Rye with your neutral gray flats. Anything is possible when you have a book with you.


    Image via Alaina Leary
    4. Shoes For Your Books

    Technically this isn’t for your wardrobe but for your books’ wardrobe. MyBookmark has unique bookmarks for every style and taste. The bookmarks include a little pair of feet protruding from the book — much like the Wicked Witch of the East is seen shoes up under Dorothy’s house. You can get book characters’ feet, such as Harry Potter with a broom and Alice and Wonderland with her striped stockings. If you want something even more unique, you can get one custom made to match your own feet. Have a pair of shoes you want to immortalize? This is the way to do it. Fashion for you and fashion for your books!

    Macey Lavoie
    Macey Lavoie is a new Bostonian trying to find her way around and working on her MFA at Emerson College. She has a fondness for sushi, walks on the beach, donkeys, and drawing. When she is not busy having crazy adventures with her friends, she can be found either jotting down writing ideas in her small notebook or curled up with a book and her two cats. Her dream is to one day change the world with a book and to own a large library.


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