All Hallow’s Read

I have often had trouble giving or even lending my books to people. Accidents happen, after all. Babies chew on stuff. Albino cobras escape and terrorize the city. And just because Ronald from work seems all right—and his kids and his church and the tiger he “adopted” through the mail swear by his trustworthiness—that doesn’t mean he won’t trip on a crack and launch your only copy of Jude the Obscure into the sewer. And what if, even after he apologized profusely, he one day went missing and was never heard from again…. Well, it wouldn’t be very likely that he’d get your book back to you, would it.

Accidents aside, though, when I get my hands on a book (especially one I’m fond of), I frankly just want it on my shelf. Where I can go down and find it—hopefully right in its designated area, the area that’s been…discussed—if I wish to reread a certain passage.

Sometimes I want a book on my shelf just so I can see it there on my shelf. Just so its faded or scratched or gleaming spine might seem to gaze back at me (almost as if caught looking for me) when I come looking for it. “Yes,” I almost say aloud, sometimes cackling, sometimes just coughing because of a Triscuit, when I spy the one I really came to eat…I mean, to read. “There you are. You thought you’d get away, didn’t you. But no, you didn’t get away. No. And why didn’t you get away? You didn’t get away because I never lent you to anyone. Hahahahaha…”

Well, this year I’m going to try to lend and maybe even straight-up give. Because All Hallow’s Read is a wonderful idea that far too few people know about. In fact, maybe there should be a similar tradition for Christmastime: The Bite before Christmas, or something like that. Sorry, I meant “Read before Christmas.” Yes, read. Read is what I meant.

Watch this video for more information…

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Jason M. Vaughn earned a degree in Painting from KU, back in a majestic time called “the nineties.” In response to certain life events, he then drifted away from visual art—something he’d practiced since toddlerhood—and found himself addicted to books. Writing naturally followed. He’s published numerous poems and short stories, and his first feature-length screenplay,The Synth House Wife, won the 2012 Script Pipeline Competition. He is working now on a science-fiction book called Cerulean, which will hopefully CHANGE THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT…or at least be a good read.


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