Ask Adam – Gifts for Guys

Q: Dear Adam, My boyfriend is really hard to shop for. What are some good ideas for a basic guy gifts?

A:  It’s a fact that most guys are hard to shop for, but don’t fret! I’ve got your back! I typically try to make my gifts follow one of these guidelines:

1) The gift is unique to your relationship and has a good memory attached to it. Not all gifts have to be expensive! Try getting a gift that has little or no value, but instead means something to the both of you. For example, a digital photo frame loaded with a fun date or trip you had could be a great gift.

Photo courtesy of Alessandro Merlo
Photo courtesy of Alessandro Merlo

2) The item is something they specifically asked for and you know no one else will get it for them. This one is easy, if you go shopping, or your significant other specifically says they want something remember it and write it down!

3) The gift is a useful item for a hobby they enjoy. This is my favorite, because assuming their hobby can be enjoyed by at least two people at the same time you can make a lot of fun cheap dates out of your gift. For instance, do they like to go hiking? Get them new hiking books and coupons that promises hiking dates. Your guy a gamer? Get him a new game, with coupons that promise a pizza game night!

Adam Pockett is a recently engaged guy (sorry ladies) who is ready and willing to answer any questions you might want answered from a man’s point of view.  Send all queries and quandaries to or visit him over at Ask a Guy.


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