Baby Driver: Slick, Musical, and a Whole Lot of Fun

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    Tires screeching against the pavement, an assortment of perfectly timed tunes, a throwback to the days of the iPod, and a dazzling cast all make up what is one of the most talked about films of the year. Featuring stars such as Ansel Elgort (The Fault in Our Stars), Lily James (Cinderella), and Jon Hamm (Mad Men), the story of a driver and the playlist he uses to drown out the noise is brought to the big screen with more sophistication and style than any film in a long while.

    Baby Driver begins with Baby, a young boy who ends up in the hands of criminals, personally driving them around to their various heists. While struggling to do what’s right and trying to sustain himself and his adopted father begins to get blurred, everything changes when he meets Debora, a diner girl with as much enthusiasm for music as himself. But living a life of crime doesn’t allow for love, at least not one without severe consequences. With debt still to pay and his heart stolen by the charming Debora, Baby must decide to run from the only life he has ever known or to risk the lives of the people he loves the most. Accompanied by a fantastic collection of music and plenty of pulse-pounding action scenes, Baby Driver is unlike anything ever presented on the big screen. This is a movie that both teens and adults alike are sure to find engaging, thrilling, and very enjoyable.

    Personally, I thought Baby Driver was so much fun to watch. While there are some sad moments and plenty of intense and sometimes gruesome scenes of violence, the plot remains light-hearted, and the addition of music was incredible to see. Not only was the plot completed to perfection, but the cast did a fantastic job of connecting the audience to the characters, especially Ansel Elgort. I had my concerns about Elgort, yet he delivered a spectacular performance through his role as Baby — a smart, slick, and badass teenage rebel.

    While I found the film to be incredibly fun to watch, and I found myself completely immersed in the music played in almost every scene of the film, I still was left with a few concerns after leaving the theater. For such a popular and well-reviewed film, I found the depth of the plot to be a bit flat, and some of the dialogue was a bit forced and unnecessary. I would have loved to see a bit more character development as well. For more sensitive viewers, there were a couple of scenes of quick yet graphic violence as well as some strong uses of profanity. For those willing to step into the passenger seat and ignore some of the gaps in character development and plot, Baby Driver is sure to prove to be an enjoyable and bumpy ride.

    Monumental car chases, explosive action sequences, a tender romance, a story of hope and redemption. Baby Driver may lack some of the content needed to get an instant nomination for the Oscars, but it sure is fun to watch. While it’s more targeted at male audience members, both male and female moviegoers are certain to find something to like about Baby Driver, whether it be the intensity, the romantic moments, or the thrilling final moments of the movie. Catch Baby Driver in theaters and join Baby as he fiercely fights for love and righting his long list of wrongs.

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