Bright Beams of the Night by Avantika Singhal

On the night
when the pale
Moon with its
roundness appeared
outside my window,
I regarded it carefully.
Like it was a leech
feeding on my thoughts.
The knife that I had used
to scratch, the wood glinted
like sunshine and
reminded me of the red blunders I
had produced on myself. It was a sickly sight,
I admit. In comparison to
the Moon’s beauty, my
arm looked as if a bouncy
child had taken his red crayon
and run it in straight lines
across my ocean veins.
The Moon saved me that night.
Its beauty did not make me
envious, it splashed lots of
sunbeams on my tear streaked face in
that starry night. I survived.



Avantika Singhal
Avantika Singhal is a 19-year-old poetess living in Jaipur, India. Over the course of her short writing career, she has managed to get her poetry published in various respected literary magazines, such as Writer's Asylum, Red Fez, Textploit, Jabberwock Online, The Indian Review, Spillwords, Emerald Hues Anthology, Hall Of Poets-Valentine Anthology, and Our Poetry Archive, etc. She aspires to make a positive impact on the masses with her writing. Further, she has contributed her literary creations to a bedtime storybook named Tales by Teens, online platforms like Half Baked Beans, MUNation, and The Fable Diaries.



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