Choosing Between Tea or Poetry by Avantika Singhal

In my house,
a cup of tea prepared by
the 17-year-old me is
appreciated more than
my poetry. Strange women
with magnifiers instead of eyes
scrutinize what I cook best
and when I will be of age.
My mother lets them.
My poetry book sits untouched
because the women forgot their
spectacles at home and insist
that they cannot read without them.
After that, they pick up Vogue
and comment about the
cover girl’s bushy eyebrows and
read an article on vacuum cleaners.
The words I had penned down
in a passionate pell-mell whine
and complain to me. I hush them.
I lie to them, giving faux reassurances
to them, telling them they are still
very relevant and enjoyable. My
poetry has washed up on a
remote island. It’s now obsolete.


Avantika Singhal
Avantika Singhal is a 19-year-old poetess living in Jaipur, India. Over the course of her short writing career, she has managed to get her poetry published in various respected literary magazines, such as Writer's Asylum, Red Fez, Textploit, Jabberwock Online, The Indian Review, Spillwords, Emerald Hues Anthology, Hall Of Poets-Valentine Anthology, and Our Poetry Archive, etc. She aspires to make a positive impact on the masses with her writing. Further, she has contributed her literary creations to a bedtime storybook named Tales by Teens, online platforms like Half Baked Beans, MUNation, and The Fable Diaries.


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