4 Fall Boots That Fit Any Style

    Boots, especially in autumn, are staple pieces in any wardrobe; this is why boot season is arguably the best season. There are so many colors, styles, and brands of fall boots that can enhance your outfit while saving your feet from the sometimes frigid autumn temperatures. With the versatility of this shoe, how does one know which style of boot best fits their fashion taste or personality? Here are four different styles of boots that will help determine your best fit.

    Riding Boots

    For the classic boot lover. If you do not own a pair already, you should. Riding boots are not only supportive and warm, they can be worn with nearly any outfit. Pair calf-length riding boots with casual leggings and a plain long sleeve T-shirt for a basic look, or dress them up with jeans and a peasant top/sweater. To capture the full essence of the riding boot, have a bold boot sock peek out of the top for a pop of color.

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    Combat Boots

    For the edgy ones. Your classic combat boot has been circulating throughout the fashion world for years, and rightfully so. Combat boots are perfect to throw on with any pant, and they truly fit any edgy outfit, especially those including bomber or leather jackets. The best part about combat boots: They never go out of season. If you do it right, you can wear combat boots both with your go-to black jeans in December and your classic black jean shorts in July.

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    Duck Boots

    For the adventure-seekers. Duck boots are not your average snow boot. Yes, they do keep your feet completely shielded from total frostbite; however, they do so all while being trendy and wearable, unlike other snow boots. These are perfect if you often find yourself walking in rain or snow, whether it be trudging through town or having the unavoidable snowball fight (admit it, we all do it). L.L. Bean is best known for their Bean Boot, the original duck boot; Bean Boots are pristine quality and pretty affordable, so get them before the winter creeps up. Your toes will thank me later.

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    Ankle Booties

    For the always trendy gals. Booties are the best thing to happen to the world of shoes. Period. Booties are essentially short, ankle-length boots that go with any ensemble; wear booties with rolled up ripped jeans, a suede skirt, or any casual dress. Ankle booties will be your best purchase to date since you can wear them in many situations. For example, ankle booties are acceptable to wear at school AND for a night out with friends (they will all be jealous of your shoes). One could even purchase booties with various heel heights to really amplify an outfit. Your attire will become automatically fashionable with ankle booties as your secret weapon.

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