If My Brother Was a Writer by Kate Foley

He’d spill a novel
about how the only time I told him
his art was beautiful
was when the
whites of my eyes
were on fire.

His wall would be
polluted with Pulitzers
for every article he’d hurl
where I was hungover
in the hallway.

He’d burn his memoir
so he wouldn’t remember
how his face froze
when he watched
me withdraw.

His handwriting would blur
when signing his name
to pay bail.

He’d stutter when reading my eulogy.

Kate Foley
Kate Foley is a young writer living in Pennsylvania. Her work has been featured in Words Dance, Yellow Chair Review, The Legendary, Voicemail Poems, and more. Her first collection, The Bird Hours, will be released in 2017 by Where Are You Press. She's here to help however possible. You can find more of her poetry at facebook.com/katefoleywriting.



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