If You Haven’t Already, Meet Lizzie Velasquez


While watching a thirteen-minute video seemed like a daunting task at first, I found myself sitting on my couch thirteen minutes later, wishing I could watch it all over again. As she’ll tell you in her video, Lizzie Velasquez was born with a medical disorder that causes her physical appearance to be drastically different than those around her. So, even though her appearance can be shocking at first, as soon as she opens her mouth, the physical fades away, and her captivating and adorable personality is all you can see. However, no one can say it better than Lizzie Velasquez herself, so suck it up, press play, and prepare to be challenged.


Aside from having a last name that is difficult for telemarketers to correctly pronounce, Jordan Gripenwaldt is a degree-wielding Anthropology major and aspiring novelist who has swapped research paper deadlines for article deadlines. In addition to having a deep and abiding love for musical theatre, 80′s power ballads, social justice, television, and grandpa sweaters, she is also the proud and very excited Executive Editor of Germ Magazine and can be reached at jordan@germmagazine.com


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