Long Gone by Briana Harley

“‘Long Gone’ is for someone who left without a word or a thought. They were here one minute and gone the next. I use lines from childhood playground songs, signifying how I was before they left, a child without a clue. I’ve grown up a bit since then, and I’m not the same as I would’ve been.”  ~ Briana Harley






Briana Harley, currently a music composition major in Southern California, plans to pursue a career in anything and everything under the vast umbrella of music, which includes indie/folk singer, symphony conductor/composer, rock stardom and film scoring. You can't ask her what her favorite genre of music is because she doesn't have one. She adores all music from Beethoven to The Beatles. When she's not composing or performing she is a "textbook" nerd-fighter, anglophile, & fangirl of all things science fiction, comic books, fantasy, supernatural, history and literature. Follow the play-by-play of her random crazy happenstances on twitter, tumblr, instagram, Facebook and her website brianaharley.com


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