love me not by Menal Siddiqui

when i die i ask this of you

bury me in the flowers. bury me deep within a meadow
so my heart can be one with the petals.

bury me in white, fill my coffin with roses and
cover every imperfection with diamonds. i wish to shine
brighter than gold.

finish my symphonies for me. i still wish for my words to
touch the hearts of broken people. i wish for them to mend
the souls of those who have suffered as i have.

visit me often. sit by me and tell me about your day.
tell me how my favorite show ends and of the amazing
book you just finished. read me poetry and
play your favorite song for me. let my heart feel something
when i rest. eventually. stop.

let him know, somehow, that i loved him.

forget me. please do not dwell upon what you could
not save. it was never your job to do so. burn the
memories and the broken words. forget the good
and the bad, everything in between. i do not wish
to be immortal in the thoughts of those who knew me.

do not frame me to be some angel for you know
i never was and never will be. even in death i am
still the same bitch you knew, so do not take that
away from me. let me be remembered for the
rage that ran through my veins.

most of all do not blame yourself and do not
blame others. the fault is mine.




Menal Siddiqui believes poetry is what heals the soul. It has taught her to express herself through words instead of tears, and that is why it is her passion. Poetry is the gateway to living, and she intends to spend her life living like there is no tomorrow.

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