PSA from Doc Brown: Happy Back to the Future Day!

Today, October 21, 2015, is officially the hallowed “future” day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown visited from the 1980s in Back to the Future II. Like most of us who grew up on the Back to the Future franchise, we eagerly awaited the day when we too would have a pink hoverboard, self-tying shoes, and highly questionable fashion sense. Well, kids, that day is finally here, and Doc Brown — inventor of the time machine that made this all possible — has a little wisdom from the past to share with us all in the future. Great Scott!

Aside from having a last name that is difficult for telemarketers to correctly pronounce, Jordan Gripenwaldt is a degree-wielding Anthropology major and aspiring novelist who has swapped research paper deadlines for article deadlines. In addition to having a deep and abiding love for musical theatre, 80′s power ballads, social justice, television, and grandpa sweaters, she is also the proud and very excited Executive Editor of Germ Magazine and can be reached at


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