Review: Girl Behind Glass by Abby Wilder

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    Hey, Germs! It’s a new month, and that means it’s time for a new book to review!  As I’ve said before, if you have a book you’d like me to review, just contact me at  I appreciate input on what to read!  It’s always difficult to choose a book to review, and this month I chose Girl Behind Glass by Abby Wilder.

    Girl Behind Glass follows Willow Stanton, a sixteen-year-old girl who lives in a place called Nuovo.  There aren’t trees or animals, and food and water are scarce.  People consume nutrition pills and a product called “sustain” to survive. They live in a glass-domed city to separate nature and people since people are what destroyed nature.  Willow’s every day life spirals out of control, leading to a situation where she ends up dangling on the wrong side of the glass.  She lets go and finds herself in the world of Mudders — those who live outside the dome.

    What I Liked

    I really enjoyed the concept of a domed city.  It makes a clear cut line of what is considered right and wrong in the book, and I liked that we got that right off the bat.  It made me want to know more about the society, and, overall, there was a lot about the culture I really enjoyed.  All the people in this series are named after things in nature, like birds and animals and plants, which is very interesting.  I also really liked how realistically Willow reacted to her new situations.  She was confused and defiant and acted very much like any sixteen-year-old would when thrust into a new situation.  That aspect of the book was really believable. Very nicely done!  There were a lot of different types of characters, and that delighted me to no end.

    What I Didn’t Like as Much

    There were a few things I was less fond of.  There was a pretty big focus on romance, which I wasn’t expecting.  Also, it seemed to me that the book ended pretty abruptly.  You really only have your climax and a bit following it, including an epilogue, and then *poof* the book is over.  I was hoping for a little more falling action to help things resolve.  However, since this book is the first in a brand new series, it’s not as big of a deal.  I’m sure a lot of what I want will be covered in the next book!  The final thing that bugged me?  One of the characters has a pretty big flip in personality without much of an explanation.  I hope that will be covered in the next book as well!


    Girl Behind Glass is an interesting read.  There was a lot that I enjoyed, but I also have a lot of questions that I want answered.  Girl on Glass usually goes for $3.99, but right now it’s free on Amazon.  I think I’d rate it at 4 stars.  I read it quickly and enjoyed it.  It’s a solid debut novel.


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