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People matter. I think that is something we can all agree upon; if not, then we need to have a whole other conversation.  Each week Sevenly sponsors a new non-profit organization and raises thousands upon thousands of dollars by creating exclusive (and, in my opinion, highly fashionable) clothing. For each item purchased, Sevenly donates $7 of the profit to the cause that they are supporting. While $7 itself may seem small, that $7 for every single item sold accumulates to more than a quarter of their total intake — which is unheard of in most for-profit companies.  The foundations they support vary from ones that help spread autism awareness to others that are dedicated to helping women and children escape from domestic abuse. Not only do their products fund a charity, but they also pave the way to spreading awareness to others as you proudly wear your Sevenly shirt, tank, or hoodie. Each is printed with a beautiful design on extremely soft fabric; and, if you have the same luck as I did, then you will receive plenty of questions about the charity you helped support.

The price of their shirts range from the low 20s to around 50 dollars, and I find that they make excellent gifts. One of the things I love about Sevenly is that what they sell isn’t ridiculously priced. Too often it seems that people slap “for charity” on their product and raise the price to $50. Sevenly shirts, however, are priced the same as ones that you would buy from any other store, yet they have a greater meaning. Also, even though their shirts are printed and share a message, they don’t feel like graphic t-shirts, and they don’t sport slogans that could make others uncomfortable. In each package you receive, you not only get what you ordered,  but you also get  a sticker with the company slogan — “People Matter” — and a card describing the charity you supported.

Sevenly is just an all-around, hands down, wonderful company. You get to donate to a cause you really feel passionate about, or if you aren’t crazy about this week’s charity, then  just wait and you may be in love with the next. You also get an amazingly beautiful, soft piece of apparel, and you get to know that you participated in something truly wonderful.  So, if you are looking for a new way to get involved, or you’re just looking for an amazing, super comfy new shirt, I would suggest that you head towards Remember, each round of shirts only lasts for a week!

When Annalise von Sprecken is trying her hardest to not flunk out of Algebra II and her freshman year in high school, she is dreaming of the beach, baking more food than anyone should ever consume, and writing. She loves clothing, music, Vampire Diaries, and boys. When she eventually graduates, Annalise hopes to be a princess or maybe a pop star.  You never know. Until then she puts most of her hard work into Instagram and school. Feel free to ask her questions at Ask Annalise (


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