Small Steps to Improve Your Diet

    You don’t need to want to lose weight to eat healthier. Sometimes it just makes you feel good to eat well! But as fate would have it, if you do want to lose weight, this is also very effective. I have listed some easy and simple ways to subtly improve your diet below.

    1. Put down the soda

    Soda, pop, soda pop, soft drinks, cordials: These contain so much sugar. Don’t even go there. It’s okay for a “sometimes food,” but drinking it every day can be really, really bad for you.

    2. Put down the juice, too

    Same goes here, folks! It may have fruit in it, which is good for you, but the amount of sugar in fruit and the even greater amount of sugar in fruit juices would probably shock you. Better keep this a “sometimes food,” too.

    3. Dried fruits can be good… as “sometimes” snacks

    When dried, the nutrients in fruit are mostly drained, and all you are left with is the sugar. When you’re able, go with the real deal for a healthier option.

    4. That being said, watch the sugary fruits

    Things like mangos aren’t as healthy as other fruits. It’s smart to not have more than one at a time. You can definitely eat them, but maybe half of one is a better option. Other fruits that are high in sugar include apples and bananas. The better fruits to eat are berries because they have a very small portion of sugar in them.

    5. Smoothies in the morning for breakfast are a great idea!

    As I said above, it’s better to use berries than other fruits, but banana smoothies are fine as long as it’s not using excessive banana on a weekly basis. You can pack a lot of protein and healthy things into smoothies too!

    6. Your snacking secrets are LSA, chia seeds, and oats

    Things like LSA (Linseeds, sunflower seeds, and almonds), chia seeds, and oats are great to slip into drinks or snacks. They give you extra nutrients, but you can’t even taste them; it’s like a freebie!

    7. Avoid white bread/wraps

    Switching from white bread to  wholewheat or multigrain is way better for you in the long run and can make a massive difference in the way you look and feel.

    8. Sour cream is loaded with fat and calories, so avoid if you can

    Pro tip: Change this to Greek yogurt, and you won’t even notice the difference. It’ll be so much better for you and is still tasty! Chobani is a good brand to try this out with.

    9. Cut down on the cheese

    Cheese can provide protein, but try drinking milk instead for your calcium needs. Because it tends to be fat heavy and hard to digest for a lot of people, cheese can be bad for you if you eat it too often.

    10. Eat more salmon!

    Fish is so good for you because of things like omega 3s, and salmon can make a filling breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack! Put it on some toast or crackers, and enjoy!

    11. Chips are not your friend

    Just don’t go there. Chips are not healthy or filling, and they are full of oils and salts.

    12. Eat nuts in moderation

    Nuts are a quick and easy on-the-go source of protein, but they are very fatty. Check carefully to not eat salted nuts, and don’t eat them too often. Instead try legumes and beans!

    13. Sorry, pasta lovers…. Avoid tomato sauce

    Canned tomato sauce tends to be full of salt, so use as little as possible, even if you think your pizza needs a little more.

    Hannah Green
    Literature-driven Hannah Green is a sixteen-year-old student in NSW Australia with a passion for writing. This spark grew from before she turned four, and since then she has been reluctant to abandon her ambition. She also works at a bookstore, which is the best retail job she could ask for. Her creative flair yearns for books, photography, and drama. Hannah’s goal in life is to have a book published, no matter how successful, and she is currently working on her very own YA novel. Writing for Germ Magazine is a dream come true for her, as she aspires to follow in Jennifer Niven’s footsteps, slowly making the world a better place -- one carefully crafted sentence at a time. She is a strong believer of the fact that everybody is immensely beautiful and worthy, so if she can convince one person of this through her words, then she has fulfilled her purpose.


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