The Day I Closed My Eyes and Moved Again by Vera Hokke

I remember noticing it first
When other lives were going forward
But mine seemed to stand still
Others went on as I stood unmoving
In front of my mirror
And as the others tried to pull me
Tugging at me to move among them
I just stood there pulling at every bit
Of skin that I didn’t want

Others were taken by the hurricane of life
But I stood on the side, the storm blocked
By my very own self-built wall of vacillations

But after many years of looking into the eye
Of the stranger in my mirror
I found that the distorted picture I saw
Wasn’t formed on the glass in front of me
I closed my eyes for the first time
And the picture remained unbroken

The day I closed my eyes, I shook my head
I shook my head until every wrongly placed piece of this puzzle
That made me was scattered
So I could pick them piece by piece off the ground
The day I closed my eyes I rebuilt the puzzle
And this time I made sure that all the pieces fitted together
The day I closed my eyes, I found out that the problem lay inside of me
The day I closed my eyes, I took a step into the eye of the storm
And I let life carry me on.



Vera Hokke
Through the magic of literature and her own buzzing imagination, Dutch teenager Vera Hokke has lived through more worlds than her 17 years on Earth could hold. Her mind is constantly stirring with ideas and dreams. Dreams of one day becoming an author. Dreams she is ready to turn into reality.


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