The Lowell Mill Girls by Lauren Meyering

boot cotton mills

I was sitting in my history class junior year in high school, and we were learning about the role of the Lowell Mill Girls and their attempts to write and let their voices be heard despite all odds against them. I couldn’t help but think of what it would have been like to be there in that time because nowadays we have it easy with all the technology and resources that are accessible to us. We quickly moved on learning, but my mind could not stop thinking about these women in the mills. So I eventually wrote a script, and with lots of help from my family, it came to life. ~ Lauren Meyering




Lauren MeyeringLauren Meyering has been making films for four years. She has been recognized in the Orange County Film Festival and has won the following awards: Best Commercial, Best Story, and Best Producer. She has also been nominated for Best Short Film, Best Editing, and Best Director. She is currently majoring in Cinematic Arts at Azusa Pacific University. She finds passion in stories she hears and the people she meets. She strives to remain humble and teachable in her journey, and she hopes to inspire others through film because that is where she truly found her voice. She maintains a website here, a Vimeo account here, and a YouTube account here.

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