The New Me in 2016


A new year, a new beginning. I said goodbye to 2015 with hopes of a brighter 2016. I wish that it will be a year of fulfilling dreams and finding best chances. Throughout the past year, I realized that in order for me to get to where I want to be, I have to take the first step, even if I’m scared. I have to take a risk, even when things are uncertain. I have big dreams that I want to achieve, but I let fear swallow me whole. My world dimmed and the faint light that was left led me to a different path.

Although I learned so much when I took that different path, a part of me still yearned for something more. I was enclosed in a little place with limited opportunities for me to explore. I want adventure. I want to feel my heart beat fast in anticipation of better things ahead.

This year, I promise myself that I will take chances. I believe that’s the only way to find the best one. No matter how scared I am or how difficult things might be, I will give my all to fulfill my dreams. The me that I will be this 2016 will get out of that little place shining brightly, making my way to a brand new world.



Jesselle Villegas
A lover of words and music since the age of five, Jesselle Villegas is a freelance writer and a book blogger from Manila, Philippines. When she’s not writing or reading, she creates playlists, fangirls over cute book boyfriends, and dreams of becoming a published author one day. Jesselle is currently working on a contemporary YA novel that makes her happy 24/7. You may follow her bookish adventures at her blog, The Lifelong Bookworm, and on Twitter @jessellev.


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