This High School Basketball Team from a Juvenile Correctional Facility Got the Best Surprise

The Gainesville Tornadoes, a high school basketball team from Texas, never had any supporters at their games — mainly because they’re from a juvenile correctional facility and their peers aren’t able to attend.

The basketball team from Vanguard College Prep in Waco, Texas, didn’t want to play a game where only they were being cheered for, so they requested that some of their fans cheer for Gainesville.

More than half of the gym ended of cheering for Gainesville, and the Gainesville players were overjoyed. Some players even said that they would never forget that day.

It’s amazing to see the kindness that the Vanguard College Prep team showed the other team, a team that is used to no one caring and no one being there for them. They extended a hand of encouragement and good sportsmanship, and that gesture will not be soon forgotten.

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